Camping in Siung Beach Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta

About a month ago me and my coworkers have a camping in one of Gunung Kidul beaches in Yogyakarta ( Jogja ). Its siung beach. A small quiet beach with white sand and reef. Something special about Gunung Kidul’s beaches are white sand and rock hills everywhere. Its just so beautiful. So with the whole city. Its a mountain city with mountain roads of course, but no active mountain, don’t worry. We can find tons of beautiful places in this city, I really falling in love with this city lol… theres cliff, waterfall, cave, hills, and beaches as I mention before.

So… the camping. We leave at 5PM from the office and its need about 2,5 hours to get there. Its already dark. But our first team already arrived first to build tent and make some preparation. We have a fun night with some game and BBQ, sharing and laugh. One of my coworkers have a birthday that night so we celebrated at 00.10, and we throw her to the water lol. In the morning we have some game and the most fun thing we do in every beach. Swimming!



I took all the picture from the cliff. Its have a tracking path to pengilon hill for about 40 mins walk. And in our journey to pengilon beach we found a banyunibo waterfall. But unfortunately we can’t see the waterfall from below because its too tall and a cliff. But we dont make it to pengilon hill because its already noon, so hot and we bring 2 little girl along the way. So we went back to get our lunch.


The other beach I’ve visit are sundak and indrayanti, all of them have similarity. With sand, reef and rock hills. But indrayanti and sundak beach is more crowded then siung beach. We actually have a camping to in sundak beach last year.


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