Freedom. Freedom? What is it?

All these years. 10 years exactly. I’ve spend my life for one purpose. I want to live my own life. A life with passion. And now I realised that. All that I do, fighting alone againts people. Its all for one word. Freedom.

And now I feel like I’m cursed. For everything that I’ve done. For my disobedience. For my headstrong. Not that I don’t care about that. The truth is I really care. I feel a karma is coming to me. And all thats inside my head and my heart are ready to explode. A big explosion with a loud scream. Yet I became more far and far away from reality.

What is a freedom actually means? When you can live far away from someone who expecting you to be what they want? To do all the things that you love without worrying about other people opinion? I do I want that.

Again. Freedom. Is it when you can breath a fresh air of happiness? When you can laughing out loud and gain inner peace?

Sometimes I want to learn about yoga. Not for exercise purpose. But to balance the mind, body and soul. To find that inner peace. Or is it happiness that I looking for? No… I’m not sure about that. Because happiness is when you can embrace your self. Even in a little thing.

But dreams or passion of life, is not easy to get. You have to work hard for it. I realised that I’ve been hard on my self just to reach that dream. I feel like I stand in the same stair’s step and never take another step higher. Yet I saw my friend have their life better than me.

But, neighbour’s grass are always greener aren’t they? But, they are not your grass. And you don’t want their grass, you love your own grass more.

Septy Chasanah

Septy Chasanah is a Web Designer, UI/UX Designer and Front End Developer who love to make a beautiful website design & graphic design to help you grow your business.


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