Life From Online Game Changed The Way I See The World

We all love online game aren’t we? Well, at least for gamers. Multiplayer game require you to play with another player, some game have alliances.

It was 3 years ago when first I download a multiplayer war game the hobbit kom ( kabam ). I left it untouched for a week then uninstalled it and find another game but end up installed it back and start playing.

I have no idea at first its a multiplayer game and used my nickname as my game name until I realize people chatting in global chat. Well, I was just a noobs. Then I realize I made a big mistake using my nickname but I can’t changed my name. Its 90mith ( its all cost ).

As a noob, I start playing and socializing. This is the first time I really have friends from all around the world. We never meet each other, we don’t know each other age, race, religion, country, job and even face. But still we get along together. So closed. As a friend, family and some as a lover.

More days I spend my time with them, the way I see this world was changed. That we are all are same. We just born in a different place on the other side of the globe. I become more understand about the world. More open minded and less judgemental.

We work together as a team, we have to protect our members when someone messing with them, and help each other. We shared about our daily life, dreams, TV show, and lot of things. I feel like I found another family there. And love.

That day, just another day in hobbit kom. I saw him in global chat alone while others are busy talking with other people. His son play that game that night and he said about no one want to say hello to his son. Poor man lol. So I say hi and we talk, we getting closed and he end up always waiting for me everyday for just a little conversation before his bed time. Sometimes we just talk until morning. FYI, we have 12 hours different time zone or 10.000 miles away.

I won’t talk about love story here, because the fact that we didn’t make it. Its just too hard for us with all our different, distance and its kinda high cost love lol. He teach me something. He make me leave my last job ( He didn’t asked me lo leave my job ) and focus on my passion, to reach my dreams. To be my self, and that I don’t need to worry about everything.

So here I am, changed. A brand new person which is better than my yesterday. I taught my self everyday to be a better person, open minded, that we can’t judge people, embrace my self, that I can change my dreams become plans. That we live for a purpose, that we have a passion, that if we have to accept who we are be who we are, and don’t think about other people think about us.

Somehow make me want to see this world directly with my own eyes, to see how amazing this world and the people and their culture, their places and view. Make me want to see every corner of this earth. Make me want to travel so I can understand them, understand my self better.

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