Nomad Soulmates

Role/Responsibility: Web Designer, UI/UX Designer

Start from the beginning with doing some research and create design approach then start doing wireframing, prototyping & testing, throughout the process discussing and finding the best solution to achieve the goal. Convert design to html, delivered to developer and test the site.

Scope of Project:

Nomad Soulmate is a dating website for digital who is travelling around the world and having a difficulty for finding a soulmate due to constant travelling. Nomad soulmate brought together digital nomad into one community where they can interact between each other, doing some meetup and found their love of their life.

Since most of the users are constantly travelling, a web-app is the best solution for them, the website itself is not just a regular dating website but it also feels like a mobile app. People were able to see who is in their location directly in a map and invite them for chat and meet up, it also providing a travel planner with the ability to view who will be in the same location at the same time.

For mobile version, the website feels and look like an app and not just a responsive version of the desktop view. With floating menu icon and dynamically changes header depend on the pages and also some floating buttons for easier access. For chat page, mobile version look and feel like regular chat app in smartphone.


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